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Hand to hand combat with hell

This will be one of the most hated posts I ever made.

By no means this is my goal, but I feel a strong stirring and have to write. Let me say in the beginning - it is redemptive in nature. So, if you don’t like being a bit uncomfortable, jump all the way to the end.

The biggest problem is not Marxism, socialism, racism or any other -ism; one of the biggest problems is ministers not preaching the gospel clearly! We must obey God more than man! And I’m not talking about masks - I will wear one for the sake of others; im talking about the church being so afraid of the world that they act like a bless me club, but not a bless me so it can be a blessing, but a bless me so It can be selfish club! I am encouraged by so many Christians on social media taking a stance for truth, Sadly, most Christians sneer at them and view them with contempt. “Let’s not talk about this”, they say. Hello, have you ever read the Bible - Jesus called out the hypocritical influencers of his day all the time - he rebuked the Pharisees and he called Herod a fox!

Let’s boil it down, the church can basically influence the world only in 2 ways - that is by prayer and by preaching! It’s not by building little castles for people to sit around!
Most modern church planters have nothing apostolic about them, they build a system that caters to the unregenerate desires of Christians. They have a few scriptures to back it up, but their church planting seminars are built on human wisdom for most part.
Of course, Steve Hill, evangelist, revivalist, a true pioneer, planted churches from scratch all over the world, said it many years ago in his last book. Of course, church leaders didn’t read the book, even though Jack Hayford, the Billy Graham Association and many others said what he wrote can be written on a billboard, so supportive they were of the prophetic voice.
Of course I can confirm that, because every start up church I was invited to to do a revival at was so dry, that I knew it is impossible to get a supernatural flow going that could set the captives free.

Soon they will put some of us in jail for preaching Jesus, and y’all superficially peaceful Christians will sneer at us then too. It’s amazing to me how arrogant the average Christian is nowadays. An opinion on everything but not a threat to hell by any means. Not engaged in the final harvest, but ever wondering what their purpose in life is. 

We must pray.
We must preach a clear gospel. It actually makes sense to the world.
This is hand to hand combat with hell.
Jesus is coming back soon.