Miracles & Reports

Amazing healings and more than 1000 decisions for Christ

Nov. 6th
Here the final report of our 2nd Miracle Crusade that just came in from our leader of the Revival Center Pakistan, festivals hosted at a very remote Place out in the country.
Jesus we give you all the glory!
“I praise God for the completion of a successful Revival Festival near Gujranwala, Pakistan held on 5th November 2020. We had to travel 3.5 hours away from our city in order to reach the venue. We could gather 1,626 souls belonging to the remote and unreached areas and preached the Gospel to them. We provided free bus service to these people for their convenience. We received 1,182 salvations and decisions for the Lord Jesus Christ. Hundreds of people gave their names for baptisms and are willing to follow Jesus Christ. We experienced heavy anointing and the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit in the atmosphere. 221 people were healed from different diseases. 55 demon-possessed were freed, 4 deaf (1 Child, 2 women, 1 man), 5 blinds (2 Children 3 adults), 3 crippled, and 1 little infant (who was in a coma for a long time) was totally healed and finally opened his eyes. Hallelujah \o/ Overall we could only listen to 35 testimonies because of the scarcity of time. There was an atmosphere of peace, harmony, unity, and brotherhood among the leadership, administration, and the attendees. People freely worshipped God without any fear of terrorism or Corona. Many new believers requested for issuance of Bibles and hymnbooks. It is all because of God's Grace and His Holy Will. Amen“






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