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The vision of GKM is to win millions of people into the Kingdom of God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by training and equipping believers for the harvest, strategic missionary work in the nations, large scale miracle crusades and pioneering church planting. 

Prophet Bob Jones foresaw a billion soul harvest. We get to be part of this end-time harvest by laying our lives down and preaching the Gospel, winning the lost at any cost. 

There are still thousands of totally unreached people groups and millions of precious people on all continents, created in the image of God, who have yet to experience a crystal clear explanation and demonstration of the reality of their Maker.
God the Father is relentless in His great love for mankind.
Jesus Christ still works miracles, He still has the power to heal every sickness and disease, His anointing sill breaks the yoke of any bondage, He still saves and restores broken people and embraces them in His loving arms.

The price is paid. The Kingdom of God is expanding. 

"May the lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering!"