Miracles & Reports


11. September

"One of our company Director where I am working, lives in Spain. I had a chance to talk with him few minutes before. He is having problem in his eye from last couple of weeks, lot of irritation, sometimes tears are flowing from his eye. He has consulted different doctors and no one was clear what to do and they all said that he has to get use to of it. They also didn't recommend any medicine or surgery for this.
I ask him that I wanna pray for him. He said OK. I prayed for him over the phone. Pour the blood of Jesus over him and he started feeling warmth in his eye area and after I ended up the prayer. He said that he is feeling quite normal. Hallelujah!!! God is so good. All Glory & Praises to Our Lord Almighty. Our God is a Doctor of doctors. Nothing is impossible for Him."

God wants You to know Him, through his Son Jesus Christ