Miracles & Reports

Infertility healed

"This is the testimony of Sis. Florence Dev. She is married for 5 years but she did not have children. She visited lot of doctors and underwent many treatments. She very sad because of her situations and had lot of pressure from her In-laws in regards to her situation. But on 3rd July 2016, Sunday, Bro. Philip came to minister at AFC. She was greatly encouraged by the message and at the end of the service when the call was given for praying for the sick. She stood up with faith to receive her healing. Bro Philip asked people around her to lay hands and pray. After the pray she felt that she was delivered from something. She felt very light and she knew that God has touched her. And God truly healed her. Today she is 4 months pregnant with the child. She says that this truly a miracle of God."
Pastor AFC Hyderabad

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