The power of the pure Word of God

I believe it is very important for believers to spend time in the pure Word of God everyday, not just read books and listen to sermons. I am not against that - I do it too, however, I make sure to be filled with the pure Word of God and have it working in me and what I find is I rarely do a lot of sermon preparation before preaching - not that I’m against it, but the Holy Spirit takes what is stored up inside of me and as I’m led by Him it is His Word that goes forth and saves, heals, prophesies, transforms, delivers, blesses, convicts, encourages, exhorts, works miracles. This, obviously is very important from day to day in your walk with Jesus.

If you only listen to your favorite ministry, the problem with that is that most preachers have a particular tendency (and its designed that way) to be strong in a certain area or in several areas the most. For example, if you like a minister who has a strong calling to preach on a particular topic because he or she has had strong revelation in that area, you will tend to think that is the only thing that matters. However, if you keep going through the entire bible by yourself, you increase in having a big picture and holistic understanding of the full counsel of God - and therefore you just “get what the gospel is”.

Philipp J. Schmerold, June 7th 2019
Global Kingdom Mission