March 2019 Crusade

We saw literally thousands of unsaved people coming to Christ last week. It is such a privilege to be part of the billion soul harvest, before Jesus returns.

The final night of our crusade I preached on the name of Jesus and the finger of God, which is the Holy Ghost, performed unusual demonstrations of the supernatural, including some bizarre miracles. I felt ecstatic while ministering, and not because I'm so much in love with preaching, but because I felt such an anointing and authority as if I would be literally a glove in the hand of God.

  • A woman who had a large tumour testified, “It was as if someone performed a surgery on my stomach today. I had a large tumour and the power of God came on me and I fell to the ground. At the same time it was as if someone would cut my stomach open with a knife - and now the tumour is gone.”
  • Another woman was healed of a throat tumour (most likely cancerous); she fell under the power of God out there on the field and when she got back up and came back to her senses, she realized she was healed and the tumour was gone.
  • We saw a number of creative miracles and deliverances from demons. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support. I know and many reading this understand this also, that going to those places is a critical mission and reaching the unreached must remain a priority in the church of Jesus Christ. Seeing God move like that has always an interesting impression on myself, it makes me realize, how weak I am in myself and how mighty our God is.

I am back in Handenberg, Austria since a few days where we are pioneering our revival center. Yesterday randomly a man knocked on my window, saying he wants to talk to me. He wants to know, how he can get to know Jesus, what he must do, and how this happens. He may have put his trust already in God through our meeting yesterday, but we will also meet up next week, sit down together and I will lead him to Christ in a proper way. God is doing incredible things in the nations of the earth, and in Austria and Europe as well. I'm so grateful!

Yours in the Gospel,