Miracles & Reports

100's saved and healed in Bangkok

I just returned from Asia this Wednesday. The last days were absolutely life-changing, and I'm so glad I got to go there. We saw many people encounter the power of God over a period of more than 2 weeks, and had the privilege to encourage and strengthen local ministers, as well as equip Pastors and leaders.
On Sunday I preached at a Burmese church in Thailand, with over 1.000 members. The Pastor said to me right before we arrived at the church "Philipp your word will go to a lot of people today. We have a million viewers and followers within the Burmese community".
The church I preached at is the mother church of a lot of other churches. Hundreds where saved and healed in the meeting! The service lasted 4 hours. The power of God came on so many, people already fell out under the power before I started to preach. The presence of God was so strong. As I took authority over satan in the end, within seconds the altar was packed. I know that God wants to do something marvelous, as soon as I arrived. I love big meetings in general, but this day was special. I preached a message that I preached many times, "The cost of discipleship", but the Holy Spirit was leading me throughout the service. It was glorious!
Another thing that was special was that this Church-planter gave me a prophetic word about mass-evangelism in Asia, just a few days prior, and then he made just one phone call and invited me spontaneously to preach. We developed a great friendship in during my time there, and I'm looking forward to the future!

God wants You to know Him, through his Son Jesus Christ