Miracles & Reports

Blind man healed

When I was in Chiquimula, Guatemala we went out doing street ministry after the service. I was together with the Pastor's son, who also translated me. The man on the picture was blind on his right eye. He was not even able to see what I showed him right in front of him. I was able to pray for him and God restored his sight ...

While praying I felt such authority, I knew in my heart that he will be able to see again. I prayed by the authority of the name of Jesus, cursed blindness and commanded the sight to return. At the end I walked 50-60 meters away, and he was able to see everything I was showing him, while covering his left eye! It was still a bit blurry, but he was able to see everything. He didn't stop praising God. Because of that other people gathered around us and observed what was going on. God also really touched the Pastors son, especially through that one miracle. Afterwards he went to his mother, really excited "He couldn't see from 1 Meter distance before we prayed!!" I saw a call of God on his life, and look forward to what God will do with him in the future.
Others where healed and saved. God moved through the word of knowledge, but I also just held up high the requirements of God, which I pressed on the hearts of the people and showed them the way to the Father, and that they are in need of Jesus Christ, and His GRACE.

God wants You to know Him, through his Son Jesus Christ