Miracles & Reports

Jesus sets free from spirit of suicide

A woman came for prayer in a service where Philipp was ministering. She was under very heavy oppression and was hunted by suicidal thoughts at that time. After receiving prayer during an altar call, the very next day in her devotion, the power of God came upon her and God spoke to her something like, “Go look up those texts of the music you are listening to” - she did that and realized that the band she was listening to were singing things like “selling their souls to the devil” and therefore she understood the source of her demonic oppression. She repented and thanks to the power of Jesus she has been free already over a year from that suicidal bondage.

Infertility healed

"This is the testimony of Sis. Florence Dev. She is married for 5 years but she did not have children. She visited lot of doctors and underwent many treatments. She very sad because of her situations and had lot of pressure from her In-laws in regards to her situation. But on 3rd July 2016, Sunday, Bro. Philip came to minister at AFC. She was greatly encouraged by the message and at the end of the service when the call was given for praying for the sick. She stood up with faith to receive her healing. Bro Philip asked people around her to lay hands and pray. After the pray she felt that she was delivered from something. She felt very light and she knew that God has touched her. And God truly healed her. Today she is 4 months pregnant with the child. She says that this truly a miracle of God."
Pastor AFC Hyderabad

Neunkirchen, Austria

"Ich bin sowas von hin und weg...geschüttelt. Ich kann nicht in Worte fassen ...was der Herr durch Philipp mir geschenkt hat. Habt ihr es alle gesehen was da los war ? Ich war am wackeln und husten und beten und weinen...bis ich da lag ..bummm das wars ...WOW! Ich liebe unseren Vater unseren Herrn und Gott ...und preise ihn mit meinem Herzen ...und ich lobe ihn für das Wundervolle das er an Philipp getan hat. Gottes Segen du wundervoller wertvoller junger Mann. Auch meinen so gesegneten Pastoren.....danke das es euch gibt. Evtl. kann mir noch erklärt werden was Gemeint war ich werde nun mit dem Feuer Gottes gefüllt. Ich bin geliebt ...ich bin wertvoll danke Irmi ? Oder Mimi? Was solls ..bin noch rauschig ...gelobt sei der Herr ..in Jesu Namen AMEN!!!! HAAALLLEEELLUIIJAAAA"

Neunkirchen, Austria

Miracles in Germany

"Just got back from south Germany. The confernece was great! The Glory of the Lord was very present. Many physical healings were manifested! Philipp Schmerold was the main speaker. I preached one time which was one Saturday afternoon. The Lord used Br. Philipp mightily! You can see his website at: http://www.philippschmerold.com/ One woman was healed from deafness. Another man recieved healing on his leg and can walk again without any problems. Isn't God a GOOD GOD? Pray for Br. Philipp and myself and our church in Bad Griesbach."

J. E., Germany

Vorarlberg, Austria

"Ein Mann nach dem Herzen Gottes. Jesus hat auch zu tausenden gepredigt, aber auch Zeit mit dem Einzelnen verbracht. Danke für deinen gesegneten Dienst an uns."

Vorarlberg, Austria

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